You Can Watch The First 5 Original 'Rocky' Movies For Free On YouTube, Just In Time For 'Creed II'

"Creed II," the sequel to the 2015 "Rocky" spin-off starring Michael B. Jordan as Apollo Creed's son, comes to theaters next month. But if you're itching for some "Rocky" before that, YouTube has you covered.

YouTube Movies is currently offering the first five original "Rocky" movies for free. YouTube launched its movies section in 2011. Most are only available for purchase, but there are select titles available for free, which seems like a little-known fact in this age of streaming services. One note: they do have banner ads that pop up periodically but you can click them away (there are no video ads).

Other free movies include "The Terminator," "Legally Blonde," "Zookeeper," "The Man in the Iron Mask," and "Agent Cody Banks."

The only "Rocky" movies not available are 2006's "Rocky Balboa" and "Creed."

"Creed II" finds Adonis Creed facing the son of Ivan Drago, the man who killed his father in the ring in "Rocky IV." It comes to theaters November 21.

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You can watch the first 5 original 'Rocky' movies for free on YouTube, just in time for 'Creed II'
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